If you're posting a public post on the Fediverse, it will be visible to anyone, even people who aren't on the Fediverse. Every account has a public profile page, which lists all the public posts made by that account.

If you want to keep your Fedi posts off search engines, the best way to do this is to use a non-public visibility setting such as followers-only or mentioned/direct. Search engines cannot see posts with such visibility settings.

On Mastodon, you can also go to Preferences > Other > Opt Out Of Search Engine Indexing, tick the box then click Save Changes. In theory this setting also stops your public posts from ending up in search engines, but in reality it's up to search engines whether they respect your request.

PixelFed has a similar option in Settings > Privacy.

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Pls boost for visibility

Are you optimistic about the future of your country?

What North Korea Doesn’t Want You To See | Super Users

Blogger Jacob Bogle often receives this warning, “State-sponsored actors are attempting to hack into your account.”

It’s all because he’s created the most detailed publicly-available map of North Korea, revealing details the totalitarian state would rather the rest of the world didn’t have.

What started off as a two-month summer project, has now turned into a decade-long endeavour, with over 64,000 entries. Jacob’s forensic analysis has been vital in exposing what’s really going on in the world’s most secretive country.

#vice #northkorea


Refactored the main menu, Settings screens and a few smaller things.

I'm hoping these changes will resolve the app review issues so I can invite y'all to the TestFlight beta this weekend! #pixelfed #pixelfedApp

If anyone is looking for a mandarin translator, I am very experienced in working with medias. I have plenty of time at present, so yeah, I can translate any gov.cn or People's Daily shits for you. And if I can translate those nonsense, I can translate anything that makes sense. Please fedi peeps, I need jobs!!

Finally wrote a post that's been stewing for a while: What You Miss By Only Checking GitHub

Many researchers, entrepreneurs, open source sustainability commentators, et al. assume that GitHub activity is a reasonable proxy for FLOSS as a whole. It's not.


Goes over some examples, a marketing graphic that made my eyebrows go up, research about how unrepresentative GitHub can be, and some tools to try.

The Small Web isn’t about going back to the days of GeoCities. It’s about going forward differently, using modern tech in a non-colonial manner.

It’s not about building clones of Twitter, YouTube, etc. There’s no way anyone can self-host a dozen different services. Instead, it’s about having a single-tenant place on the Web that you own and control without technical knowhow; a place you can add Twitter, YouTube, etc., *features* to.


#SmallWeb #SmallTech #SingleTenant

Tuesday, September 20 is National Voter Registration Day! ⁠

#NationalVoterRegistrationDay is a day dedicated to reminding everyone to register to vote.

It's a great day to check or update your voter registration or register to vote if you’re not.

Have you moved? Changed your name? Missed voting in a few elections? Turned 18?⁠

All great reasons to update your registration or register to vote for the first time. ⁠

Mid-term elections are right around the corner. Making sure that you are registered to vote is the first step to being more involved in decisions on the local and national level and having your voice heard.

#VoteReady #NationalVoterRegistrationDay #RegistertoVote

Do it here:

Arrggghhhh!!! So it looks like my Pixelfed ATOM feed is not validating properly for @IFTTT (which explains why the service failed after one post). I wish IFTTT supported ActivityPub (which would make it easier IMHO).

I will look into this later.

Hmmmm…it appears @IFTTT is not posting links from my Pixelfed upon Twitter. Maybe it’s because I am using an ATOM feed instead of RSS‽ I honestly wish IFTTT would natively support services like Mastodon, Pixelfed, Matrix, etcetera.

I will submit a request & hopefully they will consider it.

I downloaded my photos/videos from @Instagram today & I will soon upload them manually to my @Pixelfed instance: @darnell@darnell.app (manually, of course, as there are a lot of awful pictures degraded by Instagram filters).

Overall the amount of data was less than three gigabytes which surprised me, but that makes it easier to migrate over to Pixelfed & Vimeo. The latter I am using to store the videos, which I will showcase via see.darnell.app (to conserve space).

@atomicpoet I was able to find a great Pixelfed host! I ended my digital ocean account & I am now using Fedi Monster: Fedi.monster

I followed your Pixelfed account via @darnell@darnell.app & I am loving Pixelfed thus far. Now all I am waiting for is the TestFlight App to launch.

As I patiently await Pixelfed’s iOS app (I keep checking @pixelfed multiple times a day!), I will use Socialhub which can connect to my solo Pixelfed instance: @darnell@darnell.app

App: apps.apple.com/us/app/socialhu

I tried using the Mastodon app to connect but it could not see my solo instance when I tried logging in (I am not sure why).

As a bonus, Socialhub supports Misskey too so I may check the latter out.


With November Elections coming up & the future of our country at stake, I am noticing many progressives, independent, anti-Trump conservatives, libertarians (at least those of use who oppose authoritarians), moderates, etcetera, are actively engaging in discussions & debates with MAGA Republicans.

I already do this offline as I live in a red state, but I am now seeing many joining Truth Social, Brighteon, etcetera, in order to counteract the lies being propagated online.

About Trump’s Failing Social Network & Mastodon 

After being banned from the Google Play store, Donald Trump’s Truth Social is adopting a dual strategy in order to reach the MAGA masses. They are instructing users to side load the app via Android…


…& allowing people to login via the official Mastodon iPhone & iPad app (probably out of fear of being banned by Apple).

I think they did this weeks ago, but connecting via iPad is still buggy.

Note to pretty-much everyone. If you have an iPhone 13 you really don't need to upgrade to an iPhone 14. You're welcome.

RT @MariusKothor@twitter.com

The conversations about mermaids not being Black is making me think about the Mami Wata deity which often takes the form of a mermaid in many west and central African religions. Black mermaids have long been a fixture in many African cosmologies.

@CobaltVelvet Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I have been waiting for months to get a proper Pixelfed setup on a custom domain & a dozen companies (big & small) could not do it properly.

I was so happy I made a short video to show my excitement: vimeo.com/749813099

You were the first to get it done right! It’s now federating! Yay! I just upgraded to a higher plan (I probably will not use the extra space, but I think you are worth increase). 😃

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