Turnout in the midterms is going to be intense. GOP is already limiting voting locations in non-conservative areas, while pumping out massive disinformation that makes me wonder if they are adopting the strategies of autocrats from overseas.

Nationalism (regardless of it’s flavor) is always evil & is a counterfeit to true patriotism.

The EU is helping 🇺🇬 Uganda address the rapidly deteriorating #FoodSecurity.

We are also contributing to the country's support of a large number of people seeking refuge from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

More about our support for people in need ⬇️


Instagram Link from CEO 

This “hidden gem” from Instagram lets users see their friends in reverse Chronological order.


What is stupid about this is I would have to do this every single time! Twitter & Tumblr allow us to set the reverse chronological timeline as the default option. Why does Instagram choose not to do the same thing‽

@downey ‘Human progress isn't measured by industry, It's measured by the value you place on a life.

An unimportant life.
A life without privilege.

The boy who died on the river that boy's value is your value, that's what defines an age, that's what defines a species’

— The Doctor, Thin Ice (Series 10)

This has been a crazy week. But I live on a crazy planet so…😂🤣😂

Hmmmm….for some reason my @pixelfed will not federate. I will look at it again tomorrow when I have more time but it’s driving me bonkers.

Oh wow! Many users in China 🇨🇳 are signing up for @Mastodon accounts! This article is on the WSJ, but you can read snippets on Twitter: twitter.com/shenlulushen/statu

Ok, I am going to give @pixelfed a 2nd try. I am using @support again & this time, I am using a tried & trusted domain: on.darnell.co (everything is configured on the back end CNAME wise).

I will run it parallel to my Tumblr site at Darnell.co (I will use both).

However, I will use primarily for photos as some of my short videos are 200 Mb easy! (videos I will host on Vimeo).

Happy #caturday!

Soon you'll be able to share caturday moments on our official app! #pixelfedApp

Trying to balance work, life & everything in between.

When you actually get down to it, building an operating system is mostly about making sure that apps don't step onto each other and it's quite boring.

I'm gonna spend the day swimming instead. I'm not sure I'm enjoying doing memory management stuff, might make the OS single-tasking, you open a file, you can edit it, it locks up in a way that other apps can't request memory to write on for a while.

It would be a potato.

I am looking at the option of making an RSS feed ActivityPub friendly. I am also holding off on Pixelfed right now as I realized I might fill up a server really fast! (especially if I use video).

I just realized my first encounter with Mastodon was 4 years ago when I signed up for a Counter Social account.


I had never heard about Mastodon previously & did not know about it then (this year is the first time I heard about Mastodon & the Fediverse).

I did sign up for a Counter Social Pro account & it seems to be partially Federated (you can look into it but not connect or follow accounts). I am counter.social/@darnell over there for what it is worth.

Okay, so I am going to move my @pixelfed domain after discovering issues with the .app domain extension (which was inexpensive). I am going to put PixelFed under a subdomain that I share with my Tumblr blog. I reached out to @support & once online my new account will be at on.darnell.co/darnell (hopefully by tomorrow).

I will use the Mastodon account to post pictures until the PixelFed iOS app launches.

So I (re)signed up for Counter.Social & upgraded to Pro (which is $4.99/month) as I created an account long ago & I had forgotten about it (thanks for reminding me that this place existed @danie10).

Some interesting thoughts: Counter Social is federated & is based upon Mastodon. However, you have to upgrade in order to login from another app.

Also, the iPad app does not support the iPad apparently. But you can get around that by using the Mastodon iPad app.

😂🤣😂 I am not sure why, but for some reason @Mastodon has trouble seeing .app domains (at least my domain). It can apparently see my WordPress blog (which I enabled activity pub via a plugin) & even make a failed attempt at connecting.

But nothing on my @pixelfed (it can see others but not mine). I think this might be due to the domain extension .app (that’s the only reason I see it not working).

I might have to improvise!

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