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Wenn (oder der Server, auf dem du dich befindest) ein Abonnement wäre - wie viel würdest du zahlen?

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@JohanEmpa I pay €6/month to @mastohost, which is fair, affordable & I get to use my domain. So €3/month is reasonable.

People need to pay for the services they use lest they end up shutting down or overrun by ads.

But maybe you could offer a freemium service, similar to what is doing. Pay more per month for more space (for images & videos) & possibly include other services (like @peertube or @pixelfed) as perks.

Freemium could work, but it probably need to reach critical mass to get going.

@JohanEmpa @darnell From the numbers I see across the Fediverse, most instances (that have registrations open) would be net positive if the users paid €1 per year.

@hugo @JohanEmpa Oh really! Just €1/year‽ I think if that was properly explained then the the numerous instances would be able to buy better servers & perhaps hire a few moderators too!

@darnell @JohanEmpa I am not saying that you could pay moderators or something like that with €1/year. I was only referring to paying for the hosting.

I personally don't think the Fediverse should emulate centralised social media with instances attempting to get the largest number of users and professional moderation, support, etc.

I think that smaller communities are much nicer for the end user and it makes moderation almost a non issue for admins.


@hugo @JohanEmpa I agree that smaller communities are easier to moderate than much larger ones. I know @derek created an excellent video detailing the problem with moderation of large social networks (I think about 14 minutes in).

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