Honestly, these congressional bills in the House banning AR-15 guns are worthless as the Senate will refuse to alter the filibuster to ban them nationwide.

But even if they passed it in the Senate & Joe Biden signed the AR-15 ban into law, the five-robed masters in black would strike it down due to the 2nd Amendment. I would say six but the Chief Justice is finicky.

@darnell The bill does allow house members to use the vote for campaigning though - pretty sure most of the bills in the house right now are performative for campaign purposes. I guess we'll see if it's an effective tactic or not.

@chrisod That is true. Hopefully, the authoritarians in the GOP are defeated. They have a weird view of the world where privacy does not exist.

@darnell Symbolic gestures are important. They can get senators on the record is opposing the ban.

On the other hand, it is way easy to vote for something when you know it’s going to fail.

@ravenonthill That is true. The race between GOP & Democrats is tightening across the country now.

It’s now a tossup between either party controlling Congress. While I have major issues with both parties, I utterly loathe authoritarianism which is what the GOP has embraced.

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