Also I am trying to reduce the number of sites that I use Google Authenticator app with. If you ever swap phones it’s a hassle to access your account again.

@darnell Yes, Google Authenticator sucks, but 2FA is a standard so you don't have to use it even for a Google account.

I've been using andOTP for several years and I'm very happy both with the UI and the secure backup/restore features:
#andotp #android #security

@codewiz Thanks! If I ever buy an Android phone that will be blessing. Many sites now present me with the option of sending an SMS, using email or (the smart ones) realize I am using multiple mobile devices & will have me confirm via push notification on one of those (iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch).

However, there are a few that were a nightmare to navigate around, & I had to have tech support disable the Authenticator login after swapped phones.

@darnell @codewiz

Another option is to switch to a hardware 2FA device, that you can put on your keychain.
I find it both the easiest and most convenient to use and it is by far the most secure 2FA method.
(I use a YubiKey

@JonathanTreffler @darnell I use Yubikeys too, but not all websites support FIDO2.

And even those who do, often don't let you enroll multiple dongles (I have 3).


Yes, I think much more websites should have FIDO2 support.

But YubiKeys actually also have OTP support. You still need to open an app and copy them, so it works similarily to normal OTP apps, but the secrets are stored on the YubiKey, which could resolve the multiple device problem @darnell is facing.


@JonathanTreffler @codewiz Arrrggghhhh! Apparently they do not support iPad Pro as they lack NFC as well as a lightening port (I loathe lightening ports!).

I am searching for a workaround.

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