Yay! I am soooo excited that my @pixelfed (self hosted) will soon be live (tonight or tomorrow). Thanks @support!

Until @dansup releases the beta iOS app (as well as a future iPadOS app), I will upload photos via the @Mastodon app.

Also if you want to use your own domain I suggest buying a .app domain as most of the .com, .co, .net & .org are taken.

I didn't know that one could upload photos via the Mastodon app to Pixelfed.

What's the domain of your Pixelfed server?


@JohanEmpa Yep! I tested this on @pixelfed first using the @Mastodon iOS/iPadOS app over at pixelfed.social/darnell (I could only upload photos for what it’s worth).

Now I am waiting for @support to finish setting up my self hosted which will be at www.darnell.app/darnell (price is about €12/month).

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