Okay, so I am going to move my @pixelfed domain after discovering issues with the .app domain extension (which was inexpensive). I am going to put PixelFed under a subdomain that I share with my Tumblr blog. I reached out to @support & once online my new account will be at on.darnell.co/darnell (hopefully by tomorrow).

I will use the Mastodon account to post pictures until the PixelFed iOS app launches.

> issues with the .app domain extension

What were the issues with .app?


@strypey 🤦🏾‍♂️ I should have realized that .app is used by numerous software programs. No wonder @Mastodon did not recognize it!


I will have to migrate or delete the site.

Oh right, yes, the Mac equivalent of an .exe or AppImage. So Mastodon was trying to handle your .app domain as if it was a file?


@strypey @darnell @Mastodon sometimes software doesn't recognize the newer TLDs as a link
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