I just realized my first encounter with Mastodon was 4 years ago when I signed up for a Counter Social account.


I had never heard about Mastodon previously & did not know about it then (this year is the first time I heard about Mastodon & the Fediverse).

I did sign up for a Counter Social Pro account & it seems to be partially Federated (you can look into it but not connect or follow accounts). I am counter.social/@darnell over there for what it is worth.

@darnell I found your counter.social account but I couldn't see any posts. Just out curiosity, I tried to follow it. Did that work? Since their goals are:

> No Trolls. No Abuse. No Ads. No Fake News. No Foreign Influence Ops.

... I guess it's not surprising if their interaction with the rest of the 'verse is fairly limited ;)

@strypey I tried following myself (as a test) but Counter.Social does not allow interactions outside of the domain.

That said it is a great group to interact with. The current theme right now is pirates 🏴‍☠️!

I did some reading on the counter.social site. Turns out they had a bit of a spat with @Gargron over their geoblocking, and got instance blocked by mastodon.social and other instances who follow his blocklist. So they forked Mastodon and stripped out the federation code.

#CounterSocial #Mastodon #GeoBlocking #forking

@strypey @Gargron Oh wow! I did not know that! I guess that explains why some were upset when I said I was using the Mastodon iPad app to login into Counter Social as their iPad app does not work.

@darnell @strypey Bear in mind that’s not an accurate summary of events. For example, I never blocked counter.social. Originally they disabled federation by accident by haphazardly putting a login wall on all controllers.

@Gargron @strypey Thanks for clarifying! I can “view” accounts on Counter.Social within the Mastodon app, but I can not follow Counter.Social accounts from any other instances.

I also did a search for the evil Mastodon instance full of trolls called Truth Social. Fortunately, their server never showed up! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

I wonder if troll social is blocked via the app settings‽

@darnell @strypey No, again, nothing is blocked. Truth Social disabled federation or broke some other API.


@Gargron @strypey Oh ok. Thanks again for clarifying! For what it’s worth I think Mastodon is to social networking what WordPress is to blogging & website building.

It also has the potential to take off in regions overlooked by centralized social networks (like Southeast Asia & Sub Sahara Africa).

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