I just realized my first encounter with Mastodon was 4 years ago when I signed up for a Counter Social account.


I had never heard about Mastodon previously & did not know about it then (this year is the first time I heard about Mastodon & the Fediverse).

I did sign up for a Counter Social Pro account & it seems to be partially Federated (you can look into it but not connect or follow accounts). I am counter.social/@darnell over there for what it is worth.

@darnell I found your counter.social account but I couldn't see any posts. Just out curiosity, I tried to follow it. Did that work? Since their goals are:

> No Trolls. No Abuse. No Ads. No Fake News. No Foreign Influence Ops.

... I guess it's not surprising if their interaction with the rest of the 'verse is fairly limited ;)

@strypey I tried following myself (as a test) but Counter.Social does not allow interactions outside of the domain.

That said it is a great group to interact with. The current theme right now is pirates 🏴‍☠️!

I did some reading on the counter.social site. Turns out they had a bit of a spat with @Gargron over their geoblocking, and got instance blocked by mastodon.social and other instances who follow his blocklist. So they forked Mastodon and stripped out the federation code.

#CounterSocial #Mastodon #GeoBlocking #forking

@strypey @Gargron Oh wow! I did not know that! I guess that explains why some were upset when I said I was using the Mastodon iPad app to login into Counter Social as their iPad app does not work.

@darnell @strypey Bear in mind that’s not an accurate summary of events. For example, I never blocked counter.social. Originally they disabled federation by accident by haphazardly putting a login wall on all controllers.

@Gargron I suspected as much, which is why I @mentioned you in the post. Thanks for sharing your side of the story. Given that it was all a misunderstanding, it's sad that it wasn't resolved to the point where counter.social users could interact as full fedizens. Do either of you think it's worth someone from SocialHub reaching out to them?


@strypey @Gargron I think the community prefers the lack of federation at Counter.Social as there is virtually no spam or trolls there. I guess it’s the ultimate trade off.

I think over 100,000 users have signed up but I am not sure how many are active as they do not realize those stats.

@darnell It's a myth propagated by walled garden vendors that federation = spam or trolls. The truth is, lack of effective moderation = spam or trolls and there are plenty of centralized examples of this too. Robust moderation can be done on federated instances, as evidenced by the many admins who go all out to curate a fun experience in their slice of the 'verse.


#moderation #MythsOfCentralization


@strypey @Gargron I concur, & Counter Social has numerous algorithmic defenses to squash spam & trolls.

However, the users there enjoy their walled garden. I prefer a solo instance which works best for me—at least on Mastodon.

I am experimenting with @pixelfed right now, although I am experiencing issues that might make me reconsider Tumblr & Instagram.

> I am experiencing issues that might make me reconsider Tumblr & Instagram.

Issues with @PixelFed ? What sort?

@strypey @pixelfed Basically the site does not Federate. I think I might simply use WordPress & install the activitypub plugin & use that instead.

> Basically the site does not Federate.

Hmm, that's definitely not normal performance. Probably a configuration issue of some kind. Any suggestions @PixelFed team?

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