I am sure @feditips knows about this, but here is how to add WordPress to the Fediverse via plugin (which helps your blog embrace ActivityPub).


WordPress Plugin: wordpress.org/plugins/activity

Props to @pj via YouTube: youtu.be/uFBij0-ZrbE

Whoa! I love this layout of @Mastodon courtesy of pinafore.social (it’s a new & smooth UI look). Thanks @nolan for creating this! Also @strypey for letting me know this existed!

I saw this crazy anime called Trigun as a kid. One of the characters—Rem Saverem—spoke these words which were seared into my soul:

“Our tickets to the future are open...

And if you keep your vision clear you will see the future.

What happens in our future is our own responsibility.”

These words sound like madness today, just as they did in the anime. But Rem Saverem is right.

No matter how gloomy the world is, our tickets to the future are still open. Let no one convince you otherwise!

Hmmmm…after messing with Google Domains all day, I really need to eat something. LOL! Well, at least I resolved 99% of the issues with several domains (although I had to pay Google extra to solve a 20 second problem that was taking hours to resolve).

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