@LovesTha Perhaps, but there was more pushback from moderate folks in the GOP. Then Trump came along & the moderates fled.

Turnout in the midterms is going to be intense. GOP is already limiting voting locations in non-conservative areas, while pumping out massive disinformation that makes me wonder if they are adopting the strategies of autocrats from overseas.

Nationalism (regardless of it’s flavor) is always evil & is a counterfeit to true patriotism.

@citizen_astro That is not good, especially for those who use satellite internet. 📡 🛰️

Also, the crew in the International Space Station must be nervously watching as well.

@olamundo One wonders what will happen if robots turn against humanity. I doubt a scenario like Terminator or The Matrix will occur, but I think iRobot is a far more likely scenario (robots putting humans in zoos for our own good).

@olamundo What about robots‽ Are robots considered property & do robots have intellect‽ Also, what will happen when the robots rebel against their human masters‽

@citizen_astro Do numerous sunspots indicate more solar storms are on the horizon‽ (pun not intended)

@SteveRogers Yeah, Marco Rubio is an embarrassment. He use to pretend to be about principles, but now it’s clear Rubio just wants power.

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@chrisod That is cool! Yeah, I am using Tumblr more now, albeit on a custom domain: darnell.co

Glass too as I previously mentioned before.

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@chrisod Oh really‽ All of them work okay on my iPhone (at least on the 13 Pro Max).

That said I decided to use Glass instead of Instagram now. I will keep an eye on @pixelfed & I look forward to testing out their iOS app!

My Glass link: glass.photo/Darnell

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@chrisod No, they are now providing an option to view those you follow in reverse, chronological order.

Here is a quick demo of what Instagram is doing:


Instagram is not, however, giving users the option of making this a default timeline (both Tumblr & Twitter give users this option) which is annoying.

I have already begun switching over to an alternative called Glass (my URL there is glass.photo/Darnell & it's $30/year).

The EU is helping 🇺🇬 Uganda address the rapidly deteriorating #FoodSecurity.

We are also contributing to the country's support of a large number of people seeking refuge from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

More about our support for people in need ⬇️


@pixelfed using a permanent username instead of a bunch of numbers. Yes, the username redirects to the web link with numbers but I prefer it being (& staying) a username instead.

@itsfoss Google has a similar feature too if you register a domain on Google Domains.

Instagram Link from CEO 

This “hidden gem” from Instagram lets users see their friends in reverse Chronological order.


What is stupid about this is I would have to do this every single time! Twitter & Tumblr allow us to set the reverse chronological timeline as the default option. Why does Instagram choose not to do the same thing‽

@Decentralize_today Good thing, my spam filters send all this to the junk mail folder!

@aral Maybe I am weird but I have never been keen on the idea of cryptocurrencies overall.

I think it was due to the amount of scams I saw around most of them coupled by my government’s (USA 🇺🇸) constant seizure of crypto assets by merely accusing a person/business of corruption.

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