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@strypey @pixelfed Basically the site does not Federate. I think I might simply use WordPress & install the activitypub plugin & use that instead.

@downey ‘Human progress isn't measured by industry, It's measured by the value you place on a life.

An unimportant life.
A life without privilege.

The boy who died on the river that boy's value is your value, that's what defines an age, that's what defines a species’

— The Doctor, Thin Ice (Series 10)

@rpf Yeah, RCS also differs depending on the carrier & mobile device.

You can have encryption with one version of RCS & none on the next. There is no real standard across the world.

iMessage at least has a standard across multiple devices.

This has been a crazy week. But I live on a crazy planet so…😂🤣😂

@Autonomous @pixelfed It's a good app/instance but it will not Federate. I wonder if it could be the software version or the host has a setting turned off.

@strypey @Gargron I concur, & Counter Social has numerous algorithmic defenses to squash spam & trolls.

However, the users there enjoy their walled garden. I prefer a solo instance which works best for me—at least on Mastodon.

I am experimenting with @pixelfed right now, although I am experiencing issues that might make me reconsider Tumblr & Instagram.

@strypey @Gargron I think the community prefers the lack of federation at Counter.Social as there is virtually no spam or trolls there. I guess it’s the ultimate trade off.

I think over 100,000 users have signed up but I am not sure how many are active as they do not realize those stats.

Hmmmm….for some reason my @pixelfed will not federate. I will look at it again tomorrow when I have more time but it’s driving me bonkers.

Oh wow! Many users in China 🇨🇳 are signing up for @Mastodon accounts! This article is on the WSJ, but you can read snippets on Twitter:

Ok, I am going to give @pixelfed a 2nd try. I am using @support again & this time, I am using a tried & trusted domain: (everything is configured on the back end CNAME wise).

I will run it parallel to my Tumblr site at (I will use both).

However, I will use primarily for photos as some of my short videos are 200 Mb easy! (videos I will host on Vimeo).

Happy #caturday!

Soon you'll be able to share caturday moments on our official app! #pixelfedApp

Trying to balance work, life & everything in between.

When you actually get down to it, building an operating system is mostly about making sure that apps don't step onto each other and it's quite boring.

I'm gonna spend the day swimming instead. I'm not sure I'm enjoying doing memory management stuff, might make the OS single-tasking, you open a file, you can edit it, it locks up in a way that other apps can't request memory to write on for a while.

It would be a potato.

selfie, no ec, boost! 

@LunaStella 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

I am looking at the option of making an RSS feed ActivityPub friendly. I am also holding off on Pixelfed right now as I realized I might fill up a server really fast! (especially if I use video).

@Gargron @strypey Oh ok. Thanks again for clarifying! For what it’s worth I think Mastodon is to social networking what WordPress is to blogging & website building.

It also has the potential to take off in regions overlooked by centralized social networks (like Southeast Asia & Sub Sahara Africa).

@Gargron @strypey Thanks for clarifying! I can “view” accounts on Counter.Social within the Mastodon app, but I can not follow Counter.Social accounts from any other instances.

I also did a search for the evil Mastodon instance full of trolls called Truth Social. Fortunately, their server never showed up! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

I wonder if troll social is blocked via the app settings‽

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