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It’s annoying that some domain registers lack an option to speedily transfer your domain over to another domain register. Some allow you to transfer in minutes while others make you wait 5 days.

Apparently "having a work-life balance" is now known as "quiet quitting" 🤷
RT @MetroUK_Life
What does quiet quitting look like in practice?

It might be saying no to projects that aren’t part of your job description, leaving work on time, or refusing to answer emails and Slack messages outside of your working hours.

It could be as simple as a mindset shift.

Honestly, these congressional bills in the House banning AR-15 guns are worthless as the Senate will refuse to alter the filibuster to ban them nationwide.

But even if they passed it in the Senate & Joe Biden signed the AR-15 ban into law, the five-robed masters in black would strike it down due to the 2nd Amendment. I would say six but the Chief Justice is finicky.

Yay! Push notifications are working on the Mastodon app again (at least on iPhone)! It might have something to do with the public Beta on why there were mysteriously muted, but they are working again! 🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾

✅ Photos
🚫 Reels

We remain committed to photo sharing and will not emulate Instagrams new TikTok like feed.

While we will continue to support video posts, we won't treat them different than other posts in your feed.


For some reasons notifications stopped working on the Mastodon iOS/iPadOS apps. I think it has something to do with the public Apple Beta OS affecting @Mastodon (although it’s the only app affected).

Restarting devices, deleting & reinstalling the apps does not remedy the issue. I guess that means I have to check Mastodon more often. 😃

“Life on earth is a brief pilgrimage between two moments of nakedness. So, we would be wise to travel light.” — John Stott

Ok, so I deleted the Mastodon iOS/iPadOS apps & redownloaded them. Hopefully that fixes the notification issues that I was encountering on iPhone & iPad.

Hmmmmm…Push notifications for my @Mastodon iPhone/iPad app have both stopped. I wonder if due to me running iOS/iPadOS [redacted]. But it's the only app affected so it has to be something else. Hmmm…

I am trying to find a decent smart doorbell for multiple houses, & I was advised to avoid Google & Amazon for legal reasons. Ironically I am searching on Google & Amazon for alternatives, but I am trying to find a product that will store videos recorded on “the cloud” for at least 72 hours.

I am soooo looking forward to @pixelfed launching an iOS/iPad app! I would even use one in beta right now! @instagram jumped the shark with the “reelization” of every video, & I am looking for alternatives. Instagram is okay for pictures & a great messaging client, but it’s starting to suck at everything else.

Would you rather prefer an early app beta release at the expense of some missing features like DMs and Stories or would you rather wait for a feature complete release?

Feedback and shares are greatly appreciated! #pixelfedApp

if you're annoyed because your young child keeps asking you questions, maybe you should have never had a child in the first place, you should be happy that your child is curious and wants to learn


This is the warning Apple shows you if you try to go to Netflix’s website from the app to pay for a subscription. Apple doesn’t get a 30% cut of those transactions and so makes seem scary to pay for Netflix on their website.

Same self serving trick they played for ads via ATT.


Wow! Fox News, Wall Street Journal & New York Post turning on Trump! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Everyday of this past month we've spent 3 hours in the forest exploring old logging trails, it seems the deeper we go, the more branching trails we find, each time we go further than the last.

We're finally starting to know our way through the ferns.

The end of the month is almost here, that also brings a new server bill 💸(and media storage, email sending etc :blobcatgiggle: )

Any bit in helping out paying the server, email and media storage bills for and all other free services are very much appreciated ❤️

As a little thank you I can always make you featured on my profile :cat_hug_triangle:​ Just send me a DM :blobfoxsnuggle:

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